I had never visited a chiropractor before my initial visit with Dr. Barbour. Any reservations I had about seeing a chiropractor were quickly dispatched as he walked me through the process and we began treatment. I’ve experienced great results and Jeff, along with his entire staff are the best! Super friendly, always willing to help out with appointments in a bind.

I recommend him to all my friends

Eric W, Portsmouth, NH

After the birth of my first child, I experienced terrible lower back pain. Dr. Barbour set me up with a treatment plan and some simple exercises to do at home. After my first visit, I felt immediate relief. Dr. Barbour was super thorough, friendly, and professional, and on top of it all, his massage therapist was amazing

Rebecca B, Portsmouth, NH
Amazing chiropractor. He actually completely cured my plantar fasciitis! I had been struggling with that for YEARS and 💫 ☄POOF☄💫 it was gone after he adjusted my feet, ankles, knees, lower legs & hips! It worked so well I sent my mom and a few friends with the same issue… he fixed all of them too (in 1-2 visits plantar fasciitis was either gone or gone for many months & folks just needed a tune up). He also helped with my TMJ as my jaw used to lock open/ closed all the time… I have worked for & seen chiropractors over the years but Dr Jeff Barbour is absolutely in a class of his own 🏆👌!!! I would highly recommend seeing him if you are in pain or if you just want your body to function at it’s best possible level!
Vicky H
Great work, very knowledgeable and capable to direct you to better understand and know your body while making you feel better and back to your self!
Joey A
I threw my back out last week moving furniture in my daughter’s room and Dr. Barbour stayed late to see me. After just 1 adjustment I could immediately feel the improvement…after 2 adjustments I was pain free! Highly recommend!
Katie J